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Service and Sermon Prep

Preparing for your weekly service doesn't have to be a long and daunting process. Check out our tools below and make your preparations an enjoyable one! Each tool is designed to boost your gatherings and sermons to a higher level with lesser effort.

Sermon Outlines

Planning for your next Bible series? Check out our sermon outlines below. Each includes a graphic, video bumper, sermon outline and many more. Download and edit them to match your church's needs.

Sermon Graphics

Sermon Graphics is one of the best ways to keep your church engaged, prepared, and excited for your sermon. Use our easy-to-use software to add more spice to your sermons now!

Sermon Illustration Software

Sermon illustrations connect speakers to their audience. It helps bring across the message God wants you to say to your congregation. So if you need a dramatic touch, or you need to lighten things up with a joke, check out our illustrations 

PowerPoint Slides 

Take your events and your message to the next level with the professionally designed PowerPoint Slide Decks. Use them for announcements or for your entire sermon or sermon series.

Content Creator

Creating content gets easier with our newest software generator. Add in your church information, date, and event. And in one click, you get a script you can use right away or a template you can use as a guide.

Service Videos

Looking for a special video to show on Sunday mornings for a holiday or other important theme? Browse our expertely produced videos and choose one to show for this weeks service.

Motion Graphic Creator/Generator

We often think of motion graphics as something difficult. So here on ChurchEdge, we made the software simple and user friendly. Make your church services and events more interesting and fun with our generator below.


Need photos for your latest activities? Check out our Royalty-free stock photos. We have over 2 million high quality photos for your blog or church website. No attribution required!

Countdown Creator

Instantly create a countdown timer for your church events in few easy steps with our software. Countdown timers help you build momentum and anticipation for your services. It is also a strategic and fun way for you to get your audience prepared and excited.


Don’t just ask your church attenders to invite their friends to church… give them the tools! Our Square Invitation Cards are the perfect solution!

PRO TIP: Make general church invitation cards available to grab every weekend during your services. You never know who will pick one up and give it away!

Church Admin

From social media to bulletins to regular emails and more the administration tasks at your church are overwhelming. Check out our tools below to help you save time and increase effectiveness in your ministry.

Social Media Designer 

Stay updated with your social media postings with our ChurchEdge designer. It has a user-friendly interface that can help you create graphics easily without the use of a complex and heavy software. 

Unlimited Stock Photo Search

Need photos for your latest activities? Check out our Royalty-free stock photos. We have over 2 million high quality photos for your blog or church website. No attribution required!

Church Logo Creator

Creating a new logo helps rebrand your church and give it a more modern and updated feel. Create one now with our easy-to-use software! We have lots of clip arts, fonts, and designs you can choose from.

Social Media Video Templates for Your Church

We know how hard it is to always be updated on our church social media accounts. No worries, we got your back! Our social media video templates cover a wide variety of subjects and events. 

Event Flyer Designer

Spread the word and encourage more people to attend your church events with this Event Flyer Designer.  We have different samples and guides you can choose from to help you create the perfect flyer for your event. 

Church Letterhead Designer

Maintain regular contacts and encourage them to participate in your events or fundraisers using your very own church letterhead. The designer is easy to use and would greatly help with your branding.

Ministry Rack Cards Designer

Until now, rack cards are effective in driving people towards church programs. In a single glance, let them know about your latest advocacies. Keep them informed about the dates and details, and get more people involved now. 

Event Badge Design Kit

A well-designed badge not only inspires volunteers but it helps guests and first-timers find information. It may seem like a small detail but it definitely will improve the overall experience of your church programs. Plus, it can be a great souvenir, too! 

Church Shirt Design Kit

Customized T-shirts are one of the best ways to bring excitement and unity to your church. Our kits have welcoming designs for the usher team, production designs for the volunteers, and more! 

Creating a Book

When it comes to writing books, pastors are typically naturals! Imagine, you normally have to come up with messages and outlines every week of every year for the congregation. Click this tool and unleash the writer within you today! 


Keep your church updated with your latest events, sermon series,  and more with our editable bulletins. We have different designs you can choose from to match your needs and branding. 

Church Training

Equip your church with strong and committed leaders today and boost your  potential to reach out more people for Christ in the future.

Discipleship & Assimilation

Discipleship is a vital element to every church who wants their members to grow in maturity and wisdom. It is not an easy task, yet it is very possible! Here are some helpful resources you can use for your church today.

Church Outreach

Do you want to increase your church's attendance by learning to impact people using the five principles Jesus used in the ministry? Well, you're in the right place! Grow your church and reach out to more people for Christ.

Emergency Response Resources

Favor comes to those who are prepared. We may not be able to completely prevent disasters, emergencies, and pandemics, but we can help spread awareness and safety in our church. Here are some resources that can help below!